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The Sebes City, situated in a depression area near the flowing  of Secas   river into Sebes river, stays into the category of the most important cities in south-western Transylvania. Due to a natural and welcoming environment and due to its placement at the cross of important ways of communication (15 km up to Alba Iulia and 55 km to  Sibiu), Sebes area has been inhabited since ancient times.
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Archaeological discoveries have revealed objects from the Neolithic Age (Vinca-Culture Turdas) and eneolithic (Culture with painted ceramic type of Petresti). In the age of metals,here develop  important  community belonging Cultures of Cotofeni, Wietenberg and new  and first iron age (Hallstatt).

  From the second age of iron (Latene), there are plenty of discoveries, the most important site was discovered at the Capalna (at about 18 km south of Sebes) where the Ghergheleu hill at an altitude of 610 meters, is located an important Dacian fortress, part of a defensive system in Orastie Mountains.